Never Say Never. Now About the Running Shoes

Roxi Kringle

Friday, April 07, 2017

I prefer to sew without shoes. I think I get a better feel for the sewing machine's foot pedal. In the summer I'm barefoot in my sewing room. In the winter I wear clogs that I slip my foot in and out of when I move to the cutting table.  I actually wear my running shoes for running. 

I started off walking with my neighbor and her dog. When she needed to sleep in after long nights with newborns I'd let myself into her house and walk her dog. My job change and her moved changed the routine for both of us. Add to the menopause to the mix and now we have the recipe for bold, or crazy, depending on your point of view. I openly admit turning 50 had something to do with the decision to start running.  At the time my plan to embrace 50 was to do a sprint triathlon. Nevermind my swimming skills are, shall we say, limited. Two surgeries to correct a bunion didn't help matters, either, but I healed, walked, trained and did my first race with a marathoner colleague recovering from bypass surgery. I was thrilled someone wanted to run with me, (meaning quick walking with a few spurts of running) and he was happy to pace with someone and not overdo his recovery. Truly win/win for both of us.

I signed up for 5K races, stayed at the back of the pack and finished the courses around 45 minutes. I learned to get up early in the morning and trot through my neighborhood. I started having secret thoughts of doing a half-marathon. Secret because let's face it, the jump from 5K to a half-marathon is 10 miles and at the time I considered 4 miles to be a long run. Once the tentative thought passed my lips another running friend committed herself to get me across the finish line and our first day out we went 5 miles and each week we went farther than the week before. On race day she got me across the finish line and a month later I did another.

In another fit of bold, or crazy, I signed up for the Runners World Grand Slam this October, four races over three days totaling 26.2 miles. I have plenty of miles I need to get in between now and then, as well as shifting my mindset from trotting a couple of miles around my neighborhood to serious marathon training.